Luna Reign - 666 (Album)

by Luna Reign





released June 6, 2016

"I was looking for bands like you, but I didnt find anything close to your genre and style of music, even Placebo is not as good as you! Really! I've already listened to your songs a 100 times"
- PunkLolita -

"Forget The Sisters, Forget the Fields! Luna rules the sound of modern Gothic!"
- The Beaten Generation

"Luna, you're a very talented singer songwriter. Every track is a jewel.
There's excellent sense of space, and the notion that these songs were crafted deep within your soul. All the Best"
- Emanuel David -


LUNA - Vocals
LUNA - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
LUNA - Bass
LUNA/SID - Drums & Programming
LUNA - Key Boards

Luna Reign uses Marshall Amplifiers, ESP Guitars & Basses, Ernie Ball strings, Yamaha Keyboards and Drums.

All instruments Recorded and performed live in the studio by Luna. No samples or downloads are used......ever!

Produced by: Luna Reign
Engineered by: Luna Reign
Recorded at: White Room Studios (UK)
Mastering by: Luna Reign @ Infernal Road Studios (UK)
Logo by: Luna Reign
Photos by: Gail Hartland
Artwork by: Gail Hartland and Luna Reign
Band Photo by: Gail Hartland (Imagenation Photography)

Thanks to: Gail Hartland, Missy, Radio ProRock, DJ BAnn Hard Rock Hell Radio, Radio Indie Alliance, Lord Derichleau, DJ Father Coven @
Bloodlit Radio, BBC RADIO, Dj El Guru @ Criminal Tango show - Wicked Spins Radio, All @ NightbreedRadio, Muse Boat Radio crew, The Basement Tapes With Nick and Bootsy, Sound In The Attic Radio, Vents Magazine, TBFM, TBFM TV, Dusk Soundtrack Radio, Talent Radio UK, Lux, Wheeling Rampage, Dizzyjam, Boby Bat and Golden J Williams Jr. , Belushi's and The anyone else we may have missed! we love you all.!

COPYRIGHT LUNA REIGN 2016. All Rights Reserved.



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Luna Reign England, UK

Luna Reign is the No.1 Alternative Gothic Dark Wave Rock/Metal Band from the UK. Luna Reign is more than music, its something you experience. Powerful Guitars, Sensual Vocals, Seductive Keys, Blue lights and Smoke. Luna Reign is a UK based band, which came to be in 2010. ... more

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Track Name: Before The Line
Before The Line

Take him to the edge,
The edge of all feeling,
Sickness in his head,
Now his bodies stealing.
What is left to come,
No time for redemption
Hands together hope,
Broken comprehensions.

Don't you fall before the line,
Don't you fall before your time.

Pull away the lids,
No-one sees the bleeding,
Desecrated Feeling,
Prison never leaving.
How did it look,
Death in the empty,
One more chance to live,
Cause the hearts still beating.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016/17. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Just A Ghost
Just A Ghost

Standing together, in two different worlds.
Speaking a language, that seldom wants to be heard.

I love you, but i'm just a ghost

I cannot touch you
I cannot feel you
I cannot hold you
I cannot be you

Picking the pieces, as one heals, the other burns
Distant killers, force hatred into the mirror.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: 13 Black Roses
13 Black Roses

I sat by you, as the long grasses sway.
I can't feel you, But i know that your not far away.

I brought you 13 black roses

I want to hold you,
To hold you so close.

The trees move by, across this moon crypted sky light.
And I see that bats fly by, as I sit with you night after night.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Winter Sun
Winter Sun

Thaw away the crystal sky,
Wrapped in thorn side lullaby's.
Hope the entry doesnt hurt,
Breathe its just rebirth.

I see the winter sun
Its cold but bright enough
To thaw away the pain
That holds so cold again.

It takes a second of your life
Still it seems to close to die.
Watch the engine pull away,
Theres nothing left to prey.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Warning Lights
Warning lights

Watch the sky drift by,
Let it fall away.
There's not much to say,
And even less in which to pray.
Too many things to pay today.

So lets fall into the truth,
With one or with you.
The warning lights will see us through
Me and you.

See it all wash by,
As clean as I could be.
As a fire fly,
Burning out those things in the way.
So they have no more strength to prey upon me.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016/17. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: The Witches Circle

Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Just About Eve
Just About Eve

It wasnt mine to dream,
It wasnt mine to scream,
But we did,
But the blood was his,
My Eve.

And for that moment,
It was just about Eve.

Dance crimson silhouette
In the blood lit lights
Damnation came to us
His Eve and I.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: The End Of The World

I'm waiting, yes I'm waiting, I'm waiting for the end.

The air doesn't move except for dust,
Its gathering fast but it seems a must.

The sun it comes, the moon it follows,
but everybody knows its all so hollow.

I would cry, but there is no point,
I'm just another second in the void.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: It's About Time

Open the book and climb deep inside,
The thing you've been waiting for all your life.
It is there stood right before you,
What do you do?

It's about time anyway
(Its about you now)

Spend your whole life waiting for your time,
your perfect moment gifted from the sky,
Well there it is go on and take it,
Just be careful not to break it.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: I Miss You
Miss You By Luna Reign

Please will you come back,
A thousand words I take back,
Come back please time,
I'll wake up, and it will be fine.

I don't wanna lose you,
But i'm gonna have too.
I want to be with you,
God, I miss you.

I will never let go,
I love you so.
I've hurt so much,
When you're the one I can't touch.

I've cried so many tears,,
One for each day of the years, I've known you.
In my heart I hold you,
Until the day i see you.

Copyright Luna Reign 2016/17. All Rights Reserved.