by Luna Reign

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released October 31, 2011

" This album starts off with really old style gothic rock feeling coming from the guitar. The vocals puts you more into the sense of 80s rock. This track really throws you into the nostalgic feel of how rock used to sound and the keyboard and lead parts are really awesome the way they are laid out. You can't help but feel as if you're going to get bit by a vampire and be okay with it.This album is really well done and the fact that this is a one man band makes it even more of a masterpiece. I don't think I have ever listened to anything quite like it. The whole album feels like it belongs in movies like Labyrinth, Never Ending Story, and even Donnie Darko in some scenes. The ambient keyboard and guitars are very old school Gothic rock and the vocals are really great with the soft spoken but chilling coherent singing. I recommend picking this up as it isn't too heavy and is something everyone will be able to enjoy." - Wheeling Rampage

"Listening to the album made me feel like I have missed out of something really amazing for too long! Filled with darkness, beauty and hope! "
- Vents Magazine

"I was looking for bands like you, but I didn't find anything close to your genre and style of music, even Placebo is not as good as you! Really! I've already listened to your songs a 100 times"
- PunkLolita -

"Forget The Sisters, Forget the Fields! Luna rules the sound of modern Gothic!"
- The Beaten Generation

"Luna, you're a very talented singer songwriter. Every track is a jewel.
There's excellent sense of space, and the notion that these songs were crafted deep within your soul. All the Best"
- Emanuel David -


LUNA - Vocals
LUNA - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
LUNA - Bass
LUNA - Drums & Programming
LUNA - Key Boards

All instruments Recorded and performed live in the studio by Luna. No samples or downloads are used......ever!

Produced by: Luna Reign
Engineered by: Luna Reign
Recorded at: Atlantic Studios (UK)
Mastering by: Luna Reign @ Atlantic Studios (UK)
Logo by: Luna Reign
Photos by: Gail H
Artwork by: Gail H and Luna Reign
Band Photo by: Gail H (Imagenation Photography)

Thanks to: Gail H, Missy, Lord Derichleau, DJ Father Coven @
Bloodlit Radio, Dj El Guru @ Criminal Tango show - Wicked Spins Radio, All @ NightbreedRadio, Muse Boat Radio crew, Nick and Bootsy, Vents Magazine, Lux, Wheeling Rampage, Dizzyjam, Boby Bat and Golden J Williams Jr. , Belushi's and The anyone else we may have missed! we love you all.!

COPYRIGHT LUNA REIGN 2012. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Luna Reign England, UK

Luna Reign is the No.1 Alternative Gothic Dark Wave Rock/Metal Band from the UK. Luna Reign is more than music, its something you experience. Powerful Guitars, Sensual Vocals, Seductive Keys, Blue lights and Smoke. Luna Reign is a UK based band, which came to be in 2010. ... more

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Track Name: Blood

Am I breathing
I Cannot tell
Am I dieing
Or just going straight to hell

I told you once
Right into your eyes
That I'd never cut
I wish I'd lied


Because right now,
In this blackend gown,
I breath in Blood,
But never breath out.

Because right now,
In this redend gown,
I breath in Blood,
But never breath out.


Forced it deep inside
Embers of my regrets
Visions of hatred
I do my damnedest to forget

I saw you die
I let you die
But what hurts the most
Is I know why........

by Luna Reign2011-2012 All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Snow Blinded
Snow Blinded by Luna Reign

Mirrored eyes reflect a dark yule time
Twisted thoughts this snow fall cannot hide.
Distant foot steps that I wish were mine
But I'm encased, entrapped in my own mind.

Snow Blinded
Keep smiling
Bells chiming
As we're dieing

Snow Blinded
Keep lieing
Fake smiling
As we're dieing

Man in red, do you know what I need?
On these streets rage is all I see.
The rules are set, take is still the key
good will to all, if you stay away from me.

By Luna Reign2011-2012 All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Broken
Broken by Luna Reign

Sitting free, sitting with me silently
Be with me, nothing here can see us 3
Looking down, streets of blood and tears, she fears
I can see, screams I've heard for years, held tears

It isn't you, why I'm shaking
It isn't you, why I'm braking
It isn't you, It isn't you

It isn't you, why I'm dieing
It isn't you, God I'm trying
It isn't you, It isn't you
Why I'm broken too

City sleeps, people die so silently
Pity she, she can't see what frightens me
I can bleed, bleed so much It blindeth me
And when it peaks nothing left inside of me to be....

She can't see, bodies laying at my feet
The TV bleeds a violent tranquility
Scared by scene, empty plays deaths melody
And while she sleeps, will she ever wake to me?

By Luna Reign2011-2012 All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Luna Eclipse
Luna Eclipse by Luna Reign

I want to eclipse you
Cause I want to love you
Like the ocean
Over flows
Like the heart
Chokes under hold.

I want to remix you
I want to recreate you
Into something
That I can hold
Into a something
That still has a soul.......a soul

I want to eclipse you
And I wish I could forgive you
Like the ocean
Over flows
Like my heart
Wants to explode oh no

I want to eclipse you
Because I can't forgive.......

By Luna Reign2012 All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: If I Prayed
If I Prayed By Luna Reign

I know death crawls through your system
with hope and tears, love so terrorized
I'm so scared you'll become my vision
So in my life, I'm blinded by your light.

And If I prayed
Would god come down and save you?
And if I prayed for you
Would god come down and save you?

You think he would do
I bet you think he would do

I'm sure that you did not deserve this
So many tears have fallen tonight
I have lost so many to it
And all I have left is just the fight

If I'm going, I'm going kicking and screaming
cause I aint, going down without a fight
God or devil, you can't say whats right
This final dance is between me and hella tonight.

You think he would do
I bet you think he would do
But he dont need to
I fighting this through
Cause I've got nothing to lose
I've got nothing to lose.

By Luna Reign2012 - All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: In Love And Silent Screams
In Love And Silent Screams - By Luna Reign

Hush, we will soon be gone
Hush, My love what have we done
Hush, smile its too late
Hush, as together we fall from grace

The view from the gallows is so serene

I feel it wash over me
Darkness consumes all we see
Monoxide breath fills the screen
Our hands held tight in love and silent screams

Hush, There's nothing left to fear
Hush, Its just paralysis my dear
Hush, Her cold embrace draws near
Hush, Lets kiss away our fear

By Luna Reign2012 - All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: As The World Falls
As The World Falls - By Luna Reign

Devil take my hand in the moonlight
Dance intravenous deceptions
Until the pool is red bright
Watch your blood misslead you
congealed sight
Watch the statue fall
As you hold on tight

So dance,
with me now,
As the world falls down,
Make no sound.

with me now,
As the world comes down,
Raise your crown

As the world falls

See the mighty fall, pedestal to tall
See them scream and bawl,
They are nothing at all.
Call me dead and callus
But I've been burned before
Alone at night it gets me
Then your eyes say it all.

By Luna Reign2012 - All Rights reserved.
Track Name: The Key
The Key

She passed the torch to me
And I embraced it foolishly
She passed the book to me
Share this pain so equally
She was my perfect scream
Scented rose with crystal feet
She said what would it be
Then she broke it, severed me.

She took my heart from me
She took my life from me
She took my soul from me
I guess that love always takes a fee
She passed away to me
But just like pain, always with me.

I know she's always with me

She gave so much to me
Then ran me down subjectively
I saved her from the sea
But still she's as dead as me
I really want to believe
That I can be what I should be
Shes knocking at my door
But to this cell I hold THE KEY

By Luna Reign2012 All Right Reserved.
Track Name: Kiss The Sky
Kiss The Sky - By Luna Reign

Flick the lock
Encase the lost
No-one to look
No female touch

No-one to stop
This hypodermic shot
And as I drift away
My blood cascades

I kiss the sky
Dont watch me fly
Cause this lock and I
Can never by prized.

Silver train
In glorious Veins
Push in deep
Take this pain

I see you
Dead on the floor
How did you get there
Broken in Despair

What made your heart stop
Who broke your lock
I saw you drift away
Watched my life cascade

I Love you
Please dont watch me fall

By Luna Reign2012 All rights Reserved.
Track Name: Fallen Empire
Fallen Empire by Luna Reign

Riding this Hurricane
Whilst laying on the bottom of the sea
Walking through this barren waste
I'm sure you've seen this place

Lost in this Fallen empire
Like I'm burning in a black fire
Locked incarcerated desire
Lost in this fallen empire..empire now....

Lips move but nothing escapes
Can't write about water in a lake
We play our cards with fate
As we wipe the sky so grey.

By Luna Reign2012 All Rights Reserved.