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released July 13, 2013

"Last July 13th I was introduced to the Uk's 3rd Luna Reign album entitled " Our Glorious Dead " through the Gothic World Records record label. In Luna Reign, impeccable sounds move between the boundaries of rock and post-punk into a musical composition style which clearly shows that more U.S. European influences in their conceptual roots, readers of music lovers, Lux Atenea Webzine 10, will enjoy extraordinary issues where passionate melody almost reaches the level of interpretive virtuosity on the electric guitar, offering a seamless musical obscura definition with ominously Gothic instrumental textures. A visually distinctive musical style, defined by a sacral cover image, created in absolute harmony with the audio content of this magnificent album. Therefore, from the outset with the extraordinary song "Death Euphoria" you will be impressed with the quality of interpretation treasured by this musical genius, whose talents continue to stimulate our nineteenth-century spirit of romanticism in the wonderful song "Mirror Mirror", whose spooky passages offer us that enhanced dark background with expertise in instrumental structure. Optimal melodic developments are continued into the powerful song "Sinners" that is exquisitely refined with this clever recreation and delicate sound processing, to stimulate our senses to a higher level of sensitivity and pleasant, after the transition stage musical, set to "Broken Doors and Glass" , lead us to enjoy the fullest song "Black Light". In the song " So Cold ", musical intensity and melodic charm will melt in the fire magnum of artistic creation until, in "Beyond The Waves", the fiery feeds on the most sensitive inspired by a melodic dynamism where sound leadership guitar remains the conceptual thread that binds us to the more notable rendition of "Last Breath", one of the musical gems of this album. After hearing repeated, the previous item, then click "Fade" we will dive into another ethereal dimension where textures again highlight the high quality of this song, ending in the last issue of this album "Until The End" as end of a glowing sunset sonic experimentation as a structural base composition. "Our Glorious Dead", is a conceptual evolution of the post-punk and eclectic fusion of European and American musical styles within this scene. Enjoy it! and order it now!"
-Lux Atenea Webzine

"Listening to the album made me feel like I have missed out of something really amazing for too long! Filled with darkness, beauty and hope! "
- Vents Magazine

"I was looking for bands like you, but I didnt find anything close to your genre and style of music! Really! I've already listened to your songs a 100 times"
- PunkLolita -

"Forget The Sisters, Forget the Fields! Luna rules the sound of modern Gothic!"
- The Beaten Generation

"Luna, you're a very talented singer songwriter. Every track is a jewel.
There's excellent sense of space, and the notion that these songs were crafted deep within your soul. All the Best"
- Emanuel David -


LUNA - Vocals
LUNA - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
LUNA - Bass
LUNA - Drums & Programming
LUNA - Key Boards

All instruments Recorded and performed live in the studio by Luna. No samples or downloads are used......ever!

Produced by: Luna Reign
Engineered by: Luna Reign
Recorded at: Black Hole Studios (UK)
Mastering by: Luna Reign @ Black Hole Studios (UK)
Logo by: Luna Reign
Photos by: Gail H
Artwork by: Gail H and Luna Reign
Band Photo by: Gail H (Imagenation Photography)

Thanks to: Gail H, Missy, Lord Derichleau, DJ Father Coven @
Bloodlit Radio, Dj El Guru @ Criminal Tango show - Wicked Spins Radio, All @ NightbreedRadio, Muse Boat Radio crew, Nick and Bootsy, Vents Magazine, Lux, Wheeling Rampage, Dizzyjam, Boby Bat and Golden J Williams Jr. , Belushi's and The anyone else we may have missed! we love you all.!

COPYRIGHT LUNA REIGN 2013. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Luna Reign England, UK

Luna Reign is the No.1 Alternative Gothic Dark Wave Rock/Metal Band from the UK. Luna Reign is more than music, its something you experience. Powerful Guitars, Sensual Vocals, Seductive Keys, Blue lights and Smoke. Luna Reign is a UK based band, which came to be in 2010. ... more

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Track Name: Death Euphoria
Death Euphoria

As we lay beneath the stars
A bottle of red passed over
We know who and what we are
Echoes of blood told over

Come see the fallen
Death Euphoria

Our eyes scared and bruised
Lips and fingers join too
In the steam of war machines
We follow the death drum to you
Track Name: Mirror Mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the deadest one of all now
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the one who should have known better
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the one with the blood on his sweater
Mirror mirror on the wall
Everyone knows that hell is better

Are we the lost again
How many times my friend
Arm in arm again
As we descend

Mirror mirror on the floor
Who’s the face that is staring back now
Mirror mirror on the floor
Everyone knows you cant turn back now
Mirror mirror on the floor
I watched you break down into seven
Mirror mirror on the floor
With shard in hand we bypass heaven
Track Name: Sinners

So sweet underneath
Your kiss was meant for me
Shall we slip away
Your mine until the day

And as we wash away
The sins of the day……tonight
And as we wash away
The sins of the day….all night

Moon rise shines your eyes
Black nails and suicides
Dark love forbidden touch
As our hearts begin to….
Track Name: Broken Doors And Glass
The pride of the man in foolish things
Woman puts her faith in a diamond ring
Sitting in silence surrounded by screams

As the ocean rises and falls
And the wind chimes fall to the floor
And the blood runs down the walls
Your home sweet home
As the screams and fists fly fast
With the broken doors and glass
Running through the streets so fast
Your home sweet home

Just another hit of sweet caffeine
Visual bombardment anaesthetize me
Leave me bleeding modernities
Track Name: Black Light
Black light

Walking down the road of dust and dirt
Scraping up a fire until these feet do burn
Forging from nothing with poor mans hands
Hold it up high as the statue stands

Black light

Holding up the light on a darker view
I want to give it all, give it all to you
I’m holding onto hope like the rope does too
Burning on cross just me and you
Track Name: So Cold
So cold

Pale walls with simple scrawls
Definition of the hate
Encrypted beauty flows so smoothly
Shame I don’t have the faith
Pale walls with simple scrawls
Definition of my fate
Encrypted beauty flows so smoothly
Shame I have lost the faith

Its cold, so cold, in here

The mind comes to pieces
It all comes undone
Trying to find you
Trying to hold you
How much would I give
To have something as good as this
Would you help me?
Could you?
Track Name: Beyond The Waves
Beyond the waves

As the doors all close
And the shadows over flow

Sister, sister, I’m falling beyond the waves
Sister, sister, they want you to take me away

As the heart grows cold
The soul wont let go
Track Name: Last Breath
Last breath

Enraptured by mourning
As the day is dawning
The vultures they circle
As the skin turns purple

Pull down, pull down, human decency
Her last hour came so easily
Barely dead, watch the theft
The rituals of birth, life and death

They come together over death
They come together over death
Over fear of last breathes
And then go fighting like the rest
They come together over death

The pack descends upon it prey
The biggest, quickest gets the say
Are they mourning for the dead?
Or just the fear in their heads

Sanctified and justified possession
Tears of crocodiles weep in succession
I stood by your grave
And waved at you again
Track Name: Fade

Does this map of fate seem old
Torn beyond your way
Do the prescriptions seem to vague
Leading your way when the light fades

What decision do you make
To open this river of disdain
All the choices we never made
All led up to this day

It leads to so alone
It bleeds this way
Just so alone
Then left to fade
Then left to fade away
Just left to fade away
Track Name: Until The End
Until the end

Hands together eyes closed
Pray to the unknown
The blueprint of our lives
Laced with death and lies

We dance with death again
Until the end
Together we descend
Until the end

Spirit feel some empathy
For the defamation of me
Courtesan of the sky
Tell me why?