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released June 30, 2014

"I was introduced to Luna reign by a friend, thinking this is an interesting new band. To my surprise, this is a one man band, he has been around since 2010. Shadow Room is his 4th album. Listening to the album, made me feel like I have missed out of something really amazing for too long. Shadows Room is a wonderful Gothic/rock/Alternative album with a very unique sound. Filled with darkness, beauty and hopes. I love the wild dreamy music that, at the same time, is so relaxing that you just float away in your own thoughts. Guided on the way by Luna Reigns seductive unique voice. Listening through the album the first time, my favorite song were Desperate Eyes, listen to the album over and over, I found myself looking forward to the song. I was not being able to chose a song over another, saying "this is the/these best songs". I will though have to say Paper House is a cool song, I like its amazingly beautiful, though somehow, cruel lyrics. I am contradicting myself a bit here, another song, that I need to mention is Against the Grain, the song, it is so beautiful and I dont need to say much about it, it speaks for itself. Why are you still bleeding? Is it because of them? Or because of you? Its all too true. There is something so amazingly magic and different about his album, I am not sure how to say it, but its got a lot of spirit.Luna reign is a UK based one man band. He writes, records and produces his own material. Luna is inspired among many, Metallica, HIM, The Cult, Garbage, Placebo and Type O Negative. What surprised me the most is how much I fell in love with the music. If you haven't heard of Luna Reign before, Shadow Room is a good album to start with. I personally look forward to go back and listen to the 3 previous albums. " - Vents Magazine

"I was looking for bands like you, but I didn't find anything close to your genre and style of music, Really! I've already listened to your songs a 100 times"
- PunkLolita -

"Forget The Sisters, Forget the Fields! Luna rules the sound of modern Gothic!"
- The Beaten Generation

"Luna, you're a very talented singer songwriter. Every track is a jewel.
There's excellent sense of space, and the notion that these songs were crafted deep within your soul. All the Best"
- Emanuel David -


LUNA - Vocals
PHOENIX RYA - Guest Vocals
LUNA - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
LUNA - Bass
LUNA/SID - Drums & Programming
LUNA - Key Boards

All instruments Recorded and performed live in the studio by Luna. No samples or downloads are used......ever!

Produced by: Luna Reign
Engineered by: Luna Reign
Recorded at: N1 Studios (UK)
Mastering by: Luna Reign @ N1 Studios (UK)
Logo by: Luna Reign
Photos by: Gail H
Artwork by: Gail H and Luna Reign
Band Photo by: Gail H (Imagenation Photography)

Thanks to: Gail H, Missy, Lord Derichleau, DJ Father Coven @
Bloodlit Radio, Dj El Guru @ Criminal Tango show - Wicked Spins Radio, All @ NightbreedRadio, Muse Boat Radio crew, Nick and Bootsy, Dizzyjam, Boby Bat and Golden J Williams Jr. , Belushi's and The anyone else we may have missed! we love you all.!

Original Sound Recording and Copyright Owned by Luna Reign 2014.
All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Luna Reign England, UK

Luna Reign is the No.1 Alternative Gothic Dark Wave Rock/Metal Band from the UK. Luna Reign is more than music, its something you experience. Powerful Guitars, Sensual Vocals, Seductive Keys, Blue lights and Smoke. Luna Reign is a UK based band, which came to be in 2010. ... more

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Track Name: Filled With Fire
Filled With Fire

I know what your doing
I know what you see
I know that you want her
Its easy to see

She’s looking your way
Your eyes they meet
She’s walking up to you
Up middle finger street

Who….would you do?

His voice filled with fire
His rage to feed
Wrong place and wrong hour
More bottles disease

He’s picking his victims
He don’t care who you be
Just that you aint she

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Against The Grain (Still Bleeding)
Still bleeding

Is it the terracotta sky?
Is it the perpetuation of lies?
Is it the dulling of the senses?
Just to say you love being alive

Why are you still bleeding?
Is it because of them?
Or because of you?
Its all too true

The world is such a beautiful place
Provided your off your face
Point the finger at me
Because I’m honest in sobriety

Its all the same
We take the blame
Against the grain
Its all the same
It never changed

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Desperate Eyes

I’ve seen the world as it falls apart
And I don’t know where the feelings start
In those desperate eyes
His world has gone, the children have run
And everything has come undone
In those desperate eyes

His fists do fly and reasons why
To complicated for the night
In desperate eyes
The world of man has come undone
And woman takes the mantle won
Through desperate eyes

In those desperate eyes

I’d like to say it all ends well
But I think you know me all to
Well With desperate eyes
We walk this world with crystal feet
Hoping that we’ll never meet
Desperate eyes

Open up your plastic door
Hide behind it more and more
With desperate eyes
But all we want is the human touch
Someone to love and hopefully …….
With desperate eyes

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes

Procrastination of the vain
Disillusionments Void
Sweet deception of the deceived
Disdain for cryptic toys

Open your eyes

Captor of the incarcerated
Pressure to boiling point
Hypodermic serve us justice
With seated electric toys

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Sailing Away
Sailing Away

Its all so clear
Falling away, wishing I may
A bomb from fear
Fear I may, with nothing to say

I’m sailing away to something
Sailing away
Lost in the haze
Feels like it fades to nothing
Losing my way
Sailing away, away

Out of control
Taken by fate, no time to wait
The flood flows on
Wakens the day with something to say

I ride it all, I ride it all
Hold your head high in the storm
I’ll fight it all, I’ll fight it all
Until we sail away

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: On The Edge

How many sunsets has he seen
Not many in these blood stained streets
With a guitar and a heart that bleeds
He serenades the broken feet

I see you, I see you
I see you walking on the edge now
I see you, I see you
Eyes down don’t dare to look up now
I see you, I see you
I see you hanging on the edge now
I see you, I see you
I see you watch the bodies all fall down

The abandoned plays his song
Some say this street ghost is doing wrong
Its just some notes, blood and hope
Another way to escape the rope

If you stop and look him in the eye
Forgive him if he tries to hide
The world has taught him a lot about pain
It seems you’ve been taught the same

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Let It Go
Let It Go

Hold them all, drag them down
Break it all as life falls down
Take it all, don’t look back
Hesitate for a heart attack
Don’t look back
Don’t look back

Don’t you let it go
Let it go
Don’t you dare to let it go
Let it go
Let it go

Pull it all, break it fast
Burn the sand in the hour glass
Take it all, over load
Let it go then go for broke
Then do it again
Do it again

I want you to be with me
I want you
I need you
I want you
To have you
Taste you
Feel you
In you

Where did it go?
So far I’ll never know
Please don’t let those tears show
Oh no
Oh no

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Survive

I don’t care what its called
Latin for on all fours
Justification seems puerile
Crying for sleep on the green mile
Losing focus
For the sake of the fall
But I’ve already hit the floor

You just have to survive
Like you have no mind
You just have to survive
To eventually die

I don’t care for TV
I don’t care for their lives
I don’t care for intuition
I don’t care for the sky
Why should I?
To eventually die

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Paper House

Pen put to paper
As fist meets the skin
Her only escape
Her body a prison
My eyes meet my sister
As she’s caving in
A quiet death holds us
Together we’re locked in

I’m locked inside her paper house
My heart, her world, our breaking out
She’s locked inside this paper house
Tear it down
Leap from the ground

She draws salvation from the heart
Scratched eyes and it all falls apart
I write salvation from within
Too many shadows I’ve walked in

Save me please, I’m falling down
I’m holding on but don’t know how
Save me please from falling down

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.
Track Name: Shadow Room

Take me
Take me down
To the place it begins
Smiles of miles
Of the faithful falling in
Falling in

And it falls
So high
This room of shadows
Comes alive

What you see
Is not what you believe
You believe

I, I hold my breath
And feel the lights on me
Time, It does not rest
And neither shall my dreams
As this shadow room unfolds

Hear my whispers
From miles away
A thousand hours of repetitions insane
Love me
They say
So I don’t fade away

Copyright Luna Reign 2014. All Rights Reserved.